Greentree’s eBusiness suite provides a flexible web solution designed to give customers, suppliers and staff the control and instantaneous levels of service and information access they expect. Not only that, but because you're removing all the redundant human elements from the equation, you can expect to dramatically decrease your costs.

The eBusiness suite will also help eradicate mistakes that have a high business cost and can damage your business relationships.



The widespread acceptance of the Internet as an integral part of business enables your organisation to transform the ways it interacts with its customers. Greentree’s WebStore module provides a secure and completely on-line solution that enables customers to browse illustrated product catalogues, check pricing and availability and enter orders. Customers have real time access to their outstanding sales orders, plus details of their account status and transaction history.


Flexible connectivity
Full integration with other Greentree modules
Online stock catalogue
Easy to maintain favourites
Flexible kitsets



Organisations wanting to access and manage customer relationship data over the Web can use Greentree’s eCRM module, which provides access to an unlimited number of Greentree users, or your customers and suppliers, via an Internet browser. eCRM is an ideal solution for geographically dispersed organisations that are committed to maintaining the highest level of data integrity in their CRM system.


Contact management tools
Extensive data capture
Search tools
Daily summary
Related items summary



In today's business world, customers expect direct access to information serving technologies that will help them stay informed, communicate effectively and make better business decisions. The Greentree eCRM Service Portal empowers your customers and staff, with a web-based connection to the Greentree CRM Service modules, providing real-time access to both enquiry and data entry functions.


“Out of the Box” functionality
Self-managing customers
One point of contact
Manage a reseller channel
Knowledge Base access



Your customers expect a higher level of service, particularly when they rely on it to keep their operations running. Is your business equipped to manage this dynamic and challenging target?


Pro-active inventory management
Improved business relationships
Enable stakeholder participation
Organisation-wide productivity improvements



The success of the service or project oriented organisation is tightly linked with its ability to manage its employee's time sheets. Greentree’s eTimesheet module allows employees to submit their time and expenses via the Internet, breaking down the barriers previously posed by long term on-site projects and remote locations. Businesses in these sectors can ensure that their invoices are issued promptly, billing disputes are minimised and that Management have a powerful tool for employee time and expense analysis and approval.


Familiar & easy to use
Summary statistics
Expense recording
Document management



Imagine being able to process key business approvals on the go – from your warehouse, your branch office in China or from a taxi on the way to the airport. With eApprovals, you can. Managers and senior staff have become increasingly mobile in today's fast-paced world, yet the need for them to still be hands-on in the business has not changed. eApprovals help increase workflow efficiency and minimise delays across your business. It gives users access to the information and tools they need to process approvals in real-time, from anywhere at anytime.


Anytime, anywhere access
Make informed decisions faster
Full integration puts you in control
Tailor approval rules to your needs
Make the paperless office your reality



Your HR department should be engaged in strategic workforce planning and supporting business performance, not bogged down in HR transactions and queries. Accurate employee data and intelligent HR processes are crucial to the efficiency of day-to-day business operation. eHR lets remote staff and HR managers deal with routine HR requests expediently allowing management focus on the bigger picture.


On-line access to HR information
Employee and management remote access
Leave requests
Employee choices



Making the right decisions is always easier when you're in the picture. But with today's complex systems it's not always possible to give everyone who should have information easy access to the data they need. Location problems, permission issues and simply making sense of complex information can all make it difficult for users to get the full picture. And not having access to accurate and timely information can make the difference between succeeding and failing in today's challenging, fast-paced markets.


Drill into your business information from anywhere
Organisation-wide productivity improvements
Extremely powerful information access
Pro -active partner relationships



Every business looks for ways to save valuable time spent on repetitive yet essential administration tasks. At the push of a button Greentree’s eReporting provides the flexibility and ease of use to automatically send reports and business documents to staff, customers and suppliers via email, print or fax.


Vital functions at your fingertips
Save time, money and paper
Tailor to your customer or supplier needs
Automatic remittances
Company preferences for email

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“The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency.

The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.”

– Bill Gates

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