Distribution and Supply Chain



Stock Control

Many businesses struggle to make accurate stock forecasts, often resulting in excess stock holding or running out of goods. These mismatches between plan and reality can be costly and severely impact on customer service.

Not knowing exactly what it costs to maintain a certain level of inventory could make your warehouse a cost centre, losing money for your business every month. Greentree Inventory automatically reconciles your inventory ledger with the General Ledger, as an integral part of transaction processing, ensuring the two are always correct and in balance. Inventory also keeps track of any variations between standard costs and actual costs, giving you all the information you need to create realistic and accurate standard costs.

Sales & Delivery

Liberate your staff to work on growing your business by enabling them to quickly, efficiently and accurately process sales orders in real-time as opposed to having them work in your business wasting valuable time and resources fixing problems and chasing orders.

The old adage, “you can't sell what you haven't got” may be a little clichéd but it's absolutely true. Sales growth can be constrained by an inefficient Inventory Management process which is why Greentree’s Sales Orders and Inventory Management modules are highly integrated to ensure you can instantly respond to your customers, sometimes unexpected order requirements.


"We looked for a system that would take us forward AND support our growth. Greentree provides the latest technology available and the platform to develop our business over the next 5-10 years."

– Victor Yukich
Managing Director, Eurotec Ltd

Supply Chain & Distribution

Meeting demanding lead times while maintaining optimal inventory levels can present immense challenges to purchasing and logistic departments not equipped with the best tools available. Greentree’s Supply Chain Management (SCM) suite of modules assures precision execution of the supply process, from request through to delivery, is achievable.


Are your trading partners demanding you trade electronically? Can your business afford poor productivity through process inefficiencies and human error? Do you simply not have the technology needed to meet these key demands?

The functionality of Greentree’s EDI meets most core business needs, and different legislative and functional requirements can all be accommodated easily. Greentree’s EDI can integrate with many other EDI services. Once the initial setup is complete, power is transferred to you, with the flexibility to alter templates to accommodate changes in partner systems; in effect future proofing your investment.


Greentree helps to track your commitments to suppliers as they are made, you can accurately track your cash flow requirements and reduce the potential for disputes as supplier invoices are received. Prices quoted at the time of ordering can be compared with the supplier invoice and quantities received can be checked against the original order making Greentree and essential addition to your business management platform

The Purchase Orders module allows for the entry of orders for: Inventory items, General Ledger (i.e. non stock) purchases, Fixed Assets purchases and Job-related expenses. Information is updated immediately to all other Greentree modules, ensuring your staff have up to date information on what orders have been entered, their expected delivery time frames, and their status.

Purchase Orders is also fully integrated with Accounts Payable, which means as supplier invoices are entered, the relevant purchase order details can be updated directly onto the invoice without the need to re-key any details. This not only saves time, but also reduces the risk of error and allows variances between the purchase order and supplier invoice(s) to be highlighted.

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