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Greentree4 Timesheets-Mobile



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Greentree4Timesheets - Mobile Greentree4Timesheets - Mobile
If you need to record time against the work you are doing then Greentree4Timesheets-Mobile is for you.

Designed especially for workers in the field, it delivers real flexibility as well as accuracy and convenience in converting your time, to revenue.

Summary or Detail

Record time directly against a job, project or service call as you do it, or once you're finished. Work at a summary level or in detail (logging the start and finish times, with breaks are also able to be accounted for). At any point in the entry process you can save the record and then return to edit it and add more detail before submission.

A wide range of charge out options are covered, whether it's based on the work being done, who did it, a job rate etc. This ensures you capture what is due to you for the work that is completed. You can see at a glance if you're under or over counting. No more missed hours, no more missed payments.

Design it Yourself

Greentree's Screen Designer allows you tailor Timesheets-Mobile to look and function the way you want it to, at an individual, team or company-wide level. Not just cosmetic changes but you can reorder columns, hide fields, change labels and use the kind of language that makes sense to your teams - and that's just for starters.

Never Miss a Deadline

Late or incomplete timesheets are the bane of any manager's life. Timesheets-Mobile comes with reminders and alerts to warn individual timesheet users if they're late or appear to have entered too little or too much time. Managers get to keep track of what's happening across their team in real time, so missed-entries can be quickly picked up.

Greentree Approvals and Alerts can also be used to enable real-time approval by individual or multiple managers. If a manager queries a line entry the rest of the timesheet can be approved and recorded against the job, so that one line doesn't hold everything up.

For all Fingers and Thumbs

Timesheets-Mobile has been extensively tested by large thumbs, small fingers and some of the most techno-phobic service workers available. It is based on extensive in- field research to ensure it is highly intuitive and easy for pretty much anyone to navigate. Switch it on and start entering time.


If your company is part of a group, Timesheets-Mobile lets you allocate each line of your timesheet to a different company. When you select a line, the relevant job options for each company automatically come up. You don't have to log in to multiple systems and there's no more logging time against the wrong job. Everyone can operate with just one timesheet no matter how many companies they work across in the group.

You're on a Roll

What is currently available in Timesheets-Mobile is very much a starting point Greentree is continuously rolling out new functionality - contact us now for an overview of what's available today and what's on its way.